Nov 21, 2015

Update: Photo Journal Version

The last couple of months have been so crazy I haven't been blogging and I apologize! Here are some pictures of what I've been up to. Please enjoy :)

taken from KFC center, downtown louisville

bardstown road in the morning

st james art fair

bff and i were the weasley twins for halloween

got a job at a coffee shop :)

family ice cream date!

sister pretending she isn't posing

straight a's celebration 
I'll keep you updated :)

Aug 26, 2015

My August 2015 ipsy Glambag!

A few weeks ago I finally got my first ipsy glambag and I was super excited! I've been waiting for so long to be able to sit down and blog it and today is the day, so here are the products I got and the pictures I took of them :)
They come in super cute pink bubble wrap

First is a Luxe Doubler Eye & Lip Pencil in the color Wine. It looks more pink on my skin, just because I draw it on so lightly, but due to my beautifully acne-fied face, there will be a lack of pictures with my face in it on this post hahaha. The whole color scheme for this bag was pretty dark for my taste, but I don't really blame ipsy, seeing as it's the first bag and their bags sort of adjust depending on how much feedback I give. 
Anyway, I think this color is really fun but my family hates it on me, so I'll stick to wearing it while they're gone.
This is a teeny little sample of a noyah lipstick in the color Desert Rose. It's adorable and I love it!!!

Next I got a bottle of Marc Anthony Argan Oil, which I don't really know how or why to use, but I would love to figure out how. The directions say it is for styling, so I guess it's a healthy, organic way to style your hair! 
This tube is full of fresh lemony smelling Cleansing Milk by Juice Beauty. It sounds so wonderful and it really is! It's like a face washing lotion thingy and I am so excited to start using it! The inside of my nose shivers because of how clean it feels after smelling it. Not even kidding

The last product is brown nail polish by AILA in the hilarious color Mister Pookies. It cracked me up, especially after I tried it on. In the bottle it looks more grape soda, but it definitely is brown. I didn't super love the color but the bottle is too cute and minimalisticly adorable to throw it out.

I really loved getting this Glambag, and it's worth the $10 a month! Though it wan't my color palette, I was impressed with the product quality and the bag was especially cute. I also like it because it is expanding my makeup horizons without spending 30 bucks on a product I would never use. 
If you are into this kind of stuff, I would absolutely recommend it! ***Also, I forgot to add, ipsy isn't paying me to write this if you haven't already caught on to that. These are my own opinions and I'm being honest!**
Thank you so much ipsy, for being cheap and having great quality
Thanks to you for reading!
Have a great week,
Brenna, the girl without shame

Aug 22, 2015

Why I'm Not Dating

Hey guys! How are you today?

As I have recently entered high school, my exposure to teen dating has sky rocketed, and I am not sure I'm absolutely enjoying it. Some kids just don't know how to treat each other right!
I don't have any experience in dating, but please don't think that I am writing this post because "I'm mad that I can't get any guys" or something. That is not true. Neither am I judging anyone who has decided to date as a young teen. I'm writing my opinion, which is absolutely open for discussion in the comments! I would love to hear from you guys
Here we go!
I believe the ultimate goal of dating is finding your spouse
I absolutely know people that do not intend to get married, and just want a boyfriend for their whole life. For fun. Though I don't quite understand all of that, I don't think it's really what dating is meant for. My perspective (coming from a Christian background) is that dating is meant for finding your spouse, and being able to share that relationship together with Christ.
You don't often hear a married person say "I am so glad I dated around in middle school/high school, it has really helped my marriage a lot!" What I HAVE heard more often is "I found my first love in high school. He was my soul mate and we promised ourselves to each other, until he cruelly broke my heart for no apparent reason."
Don't get me wrong, I have heard those beautiful stories about high school sweethearts, like my parents for instance! They have been married for almost 18 years and still celebrate their dating anniversary! But the stats don't lie, folks, most teen relationships don't make it and end up in heart break. Not everyone turns out like Cory and Topanga. Besides that, I am trying to think ahead and not have a super long list of exes to explain to my future husband.

I am too lazy for drama OR I have better things to do
Hey. I have attended high school for exactly seven days and I have already figured out that I don't have time or energy to commit to a relationship or even attract a boy. Sometimes just seeing the kids around me get heart broken wears me out. I have decided for myself that when I am this young and this hormonal, putting my relationship with God first will be much more beneficial to me and my future. Plus, I still have to wake up by at least 6:30 each day, finish all my homework, be civil to other humans, and balance a whole bunch of other stuff (which I talked about in my last post)!!
Being super emotionally committed to a boy at this point in time could possibly tip the scale and I'm not much of a risk taker. Yes, I have seen other people be somewhat successful in that balancing act.
In this day and age, texting someone you find cute is apparently a group effort. The response to his text must be perfectly flirty AAAND hard to get but not too hard because you certainly won't friend zone him but still not come across as too desperate/clingy
I don't want to be tempted
Now you may ridicule me. Your parents have probably said this at some point, but seriously, I don't want to put myself in a spot where I will be physically tempted. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't want a list of things to explain to my future husband, even if it isn't "that bad" by other people's standards.
 I'm just cutting it all out. Please understand
Via AHAHAHA ok this one gets me everytime

I don't think it's cool when kids are twerking all over each other at the school dance, or anywhere for that matter but ahahaha that pic is funny. I'm not that weird
I don't know about you but fourteen year olds don't have the best reputation for being super mature or having the best judgement. And this is coming from a fourteen year old. Last time I checked, committing yourself to another human being requires a whole lot of that maturity thing. I just leave it there
This is one of the ways I have decided to be a girl without shame. One girl who doesn't care if the other kids think it's weird she doesn't have a boyfriend, or any interest in getting one. No shame
As a bonus, here are a few Bible verses about dating :) If you are interested, click the links to read them!
2 Corinthians 6:14-18
Proverbs 4:23
1 Corinthians 6:18-20
Ephesians 4:2
Colossians 3:14
That's all I've got for the time being, please please share your opinion in the comments, I would absolutely love to hear it! Also, I will re-stress this. I AM NOT JUDGING YOU IF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO DATE AS A TEENAGER. WE ARE STILL FRIENDS RIGHT?
Hopefully you found this interesting :)
Have a great day
Brenna, girl without shame 

Aug 17, 2015

Dear Students: Let's Chill

Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't posted for a bit, I just got back from an amazing but short trip to Savannah, Georgia to a regional conference for Youth For Christ. It was a great experience and before I start this post I really want to show you this picture I took from my hotel room window 

Anyway, today I'm thinking about going to school. Even though I've only been in high school for two days, I've already witnessed the effects that stress has on people. I'm writing to tell you beautiful people to take care of yourself.
Here are some tips to making school a little less stressful, your body a little more happy and our school year a lot more chill!

1. Make sure you are getting enough food, water and sleep. It's pretty much the basic way to start feeling better. Being tired and hungry at school is the worst.
*Eat a good breakfast that fills you up
*Bring a water bottle to school and USE IT
*Put your phone out of reach at night and sleep

2. Organize your work in a way that doesn't put too heavy a load on your shoulders all at once. 
*Take study breaks 
*Do your homework early and get it out of the way if you can
*Write your assignments and due dates down and check them off to make sure you finished

3. Have a creative outlet and a friend!
*Make sure you are doing things that you love, like reading, drawing, listening to/making music, playing a sport, making new friends. Have time in your week just for hobbies
*When you have problems, knowing someone is there for you all the time is such a stress reliever. Talk to someone and get a new angle on your situation. 
*Also do fun things with your friends! School doesn't last forever and it's a great time to make some memories. Just make sure you're in a good place school-wise

4. Find positive role models
*Don't hang out with the kind of people that continuously make your life suck, even if you think it makes you cool. It isn't worth it
* Having a mentor is super cool. They aren't perfect but they might be a little more experienced and kind of know what they are talking about

There is a lot of things that need to be balanced, and hard work and confidence are essential. If you need someone to talk to, feel send me an email and I'd love to listen and be there for you. 
Please make sure to get enough relaxation and make good choices. 

I want everyone to be healthy this school year, so share this post with a friend!

Love Brenna, the girl without shame 

Aug 10, 2015

4 Great Back to School Products

Next week is the first day of school for most public school kids here in Kentucky, including me! I guess you could say I have had a bit of experience in the public school department, and I thought I would share some of my favorite products to make my school day a little cuter and a lot more stress free!

  1. BACKPACK- I have had the same purple jansport back pack since the first day of Kindergarten and it has never failed me. Not one rip! It may not be the coolest with the most pockets and fun patterns, but it won't break! 

    2.  PENCIL- My dad is a 'pencilist' and he has all sorts of fancy pencils. One of my favorites for school is a General's Cedar Pointe, because it sharpens very well and has a quality eraser. Plus, it's cute!

   3.  ACCESSORY- Back at the beginning of summer I got a blue and white polkadot headband with a bow on it. I didn't have much use for it then, but I recently chopped my locks and it looks super cute on me now! It's a simple and adorable addition to any outfit

4.   JOURNAL- I have decided to journal my way through high school, and I have been obsessed with Target's new notebooks this year! I picked my favorite book by Greenroom Notebooks. It's black and gold with lined paper inside, perfect for a fine point Sharpie and some adorable washi tape! Read my post on how to journal here!

Good luck to everyone going back to school! Comment what your most used product for school is--
Have a great week
bree, girl without shame 

Aug 8, 2015


Yesterday was my BEST FRIEND FOR TOTALLY LIKE EVER WITHOUT EXCEPTION'S birthday and I regret to inform you, the internet that I live 2,500 miles away from her. This is an appreciation post about her and how much I love her!!

You have probably heard me talk about her before. A little back story, we 'met' in the church nursery when we were little tiny babies and have been best friends for life ever since! Here is my testament to how awesome she is, pal for life, please enjoy. If you aren't said best friend, please read this as what I look for in a friend.

Just knowing that someone out there is rooting for you, and isn't afraid to show it. Someone who wants you to be happy, joyful. Like for real. And they can tell if you are faking it or not.

Unbearable. That's what life would be without them. Just unbearable. Because they are there for you through your ups and downs. When telling anyone else in the universe is impossible, they will be willing to hear you out. And not judge.

Loving each other unconditionally is essential to friendship. My ride or die and I are basically inseperable and we live thousands of miles away and though it's terrible, we are able to have a great friendship without seeing   for months at a time. If we ever fight, it doesn't last. It's kind of not worth it to fight, because we need each other for survival XD #13yearsandcounting #ithink

In being best friends, we need to be brutally honest sometimes. Being able to tell the truth without getting hurt or gossiping is a huge deal, especially at this age. And it's not only that. Honesty also means showing your tre personality. When I am at her house, I like to eat all of her food and she has no trouble farting in front of me, or wrestling her little brother, which I will gladly take part in. We are family

Adventure is one of my favorite parts about having a bosom friend. All of my best stories have happened with her. Like remember the countless times I almost got away by hiding under your feet in your car? Remember the 100 otterpops? Remember the lightning storm and the trampoline? The glitter incident? Flooded barbie pool? SHOWER CURTAIN COURTROOM?! We're basically kindred spirits
Almost cried while writing this because I was listening to Count on Me by Bruno Mars and the whole time I was like PREACH IT BRUNO and I just miss her so much GIRL I NEED YA BACK IN MY LIFE

I can count on you, you inspire me, I miss you every day, and I love you a lot.
Love, your BFFTLEWE
Bubbles :)

p.s. comment something about your best friend. what do you look for in a friend?

Jul 31, 2015

How to Write For Yourself

Hello bffs! It's been a while since I posted last and I'm so sorry, but I've been getting quite lazy since I changed my name, but that's ok. I'm still figuring things out.

Today I'm going to teach YOU how to write for yourself! I'm not talking about blogging for an audience or writing a paper, I'm focusing more on journaling and keeping up with your life. So here are some whys and hows for writing in a diary or journal.


If you are a neat person and need a theme for all of your pages, then make one! If you are a mess and just need a spot to rant every once in a while, then use your book as an outlet! Don't do it one way or another because you saw it on Pinterest and thought it would be the best way. It's ultimately your own space and you get to decide how to run it. Using your own method will also make it more likely for you to want to continue. Be original :)


What always kept me from consistently writing was not having things to write about. I was scared that my sister would find read my journal and use it as black mail or something. But you know what I decided this time around? YOLO! Who cares if she reads it! I'm not going to lay it on her pillow every night but so what if I write about my life? I will write what I want and pretend to myself that nobody will ever read it.

 When I was about 10 years old I told myself I would write every single day. It got to the point where I'd scrawl out "HI IT'S 9:33 PM AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT HAHAHA HEY GUESS WHAT I HEAR DADDY COMING UP THE STAIRS NOW WHAT DO I WRITE" and that got me absolutely no where in life. So if you really, honest and truly have nothing to write about (which shouldn't happen that often, be creative !!) then skip it. Carefully though, because not writing is a very bad habit.


Don't hate on yourself. Compliment yourself and count your blessings.

And lastly, here are some tips to add just a little spunk to your journal!

Hopefully this inspired you even if just for the teensiest second. Have a spectacular week!
-Bree, the girl without shame

Jul 25, 2015

time for a new look!

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Hi guys! It's me, Brenna the Bad Blogger. If you haven't noticed, I've just began a new construction process and so I guess I'm not really a bad blogger anymore. I'm a girl without shame :)

The story behind my new title is really simple.
I've been teaching myself how to be myself around everyone, and not change to look better for certain people. Especially now that I am entering high school, I think it is an important thing to learn. 
Hopefully you are ok with the change, and won't forget that I'm still the same Brenna that was here 20 minutes ago when I changed the URL 

Also, if anyone has skills in the graphic design department and would like to design my blog for me (since I don't know anything about that stuff), then I would LOOOVE to pay you in multitudes of shout outs and buttons in my side bar. I'm specifically looking for a header and a new button. And anything else if you are up to it hahaha! 

Thank you to my followers for reading what I write, and I try to improve everyday, just for you!
Live without shame today 

Jul 21, 2015

being ok with the granny i am

  • i'm constantly wearing sweaters
  • indoor plants are my favorite!
  • very rarely do i find myself loving younger actors
  • or teenager tv shows
  • snail mail is the best kind
  • i am a little obsessed with flowery patterns
  • i guess i'm a little more traditional than most kids my age
  • i'm not opposed to older music
  • crocheting is fun!
And I am ok with that! All of this goes to say that you should be okay with being a granny too! As a young person I've been trying to figure out my style lately (just check out my Pinterest boards) and being able to wear the clothes that I like is kind of hard. I don't want to wear crop tops and booty shorts, or listen to the newest 1D or Wiz Khalifa song...or whatever those YOUTHS are doing these days!

ahhh i just love leslie.
Keep in mind everyone, being different is great fun (most of the time). You will find other people like you that will make you really excited to not be alone, and to have someone to watch I Love Lucy with! Being excited about stuff with other people is one of the best free experiences you can get.

Thank you for reading my tiny rant/shot of inspirations. Hopefully you guys take this to heart. 
It's okay to be different
Have a fantastic day. 
Looooove, Bree

>>p.s. if you are interested in guest posting or helping me design my blog, please email me at <<

Jul 19, 2015

2 in 1: Book Review Edition

A few days ago I finished two books! One of my best friends recommended (and forced) these books for me to read and so I did!


I thought to myself, why can't I write two posts when I can just combine them into one?

So here are brief summaries and my opinions for each of the books.

+++First of all, Nantucket Blue is definitely an older teen book, about the struggles and romances of a 17/18 year old girl, Cricket Thompson, who follows her best friend Jules to the island of Nantucket for the summer.  There are a few heart throbs of the male variety included *wink wink* 

It's for a more mature audience, and I wish my friend warned me before I read it. It's not too bad, I just wish I knew what I was getting into, if you know what I mean. 

Other than that stuff, it was a very compelling read with lots of twists, turns and emotions. The characters were very relatable as well. If you're cool with teen romance novels, then you would most definitely love it.  I'm not really that kind of girl, but it was still a pretty good book. Not tooooo cheesey ;) (((Sorry Rowan and Phoebe!))) 

There is a sequel to it, called Nantucket Red. I would read it if someone gave it to me, but I don't really feel like I need to read it right this very minute, and that may simply be because of the romantic side of it. +++

+++The Maze Runner was more my speed. Adventure and logical thinking. Granted, it is post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction instead of twenty first century romance, so I guess that explains my liking for it. None of that kissy kissy fluff!

 Unfortunately I saw the movie a couple of months ago so I sort of knew what was going on, but the book was different, in a much better way. 

The main character, Thomas, finds himself in a box that has only one exit, to a place called the Glade, filled with smart teenage boys. They all live their together next to an ominous maze that is chock-full of BIG SCARY MAN EATING ROBOT SPIDERS! RAWWR! All of the boys have come from the Box, one every month and all they remember is their name. Thomas is a little different than the rest of the boys, and strange things begin to happen soon after he arrives, and he plays a major role in changing all of their lives.
"I go on many thrilling adventures and wonderful escapades through books"

It is also quite a page turner, and I really enjoyed watching the characters grow brotherly bonds, and building rivalries too. I plan on reading the rest of the series as well!+++

I liked both of the books, however in all honesty, Maze Runner was much more my style and I would recommend it to more people. Now go read some books!

This is basically my summer right now...I'm a princess I guess

Have you read either of these? What is your favorite book genre? Let me know in the comments!