Sep 28, 2014


This morning at church, the pastor was talking about Ephesians 2 (which is really good, thanks Paul!) and how as Christians we are God's temple, now that he adopted us into his family. That led me to start thinking about how we glorify God with our bodies (temples), which took me to pondering natural talents!
I wish mine was easy to find, like a fairy in Disney's Tinkerbell movies, where you just go through some sort of choosing process
Some people's natural talents are easy to spot but for a lot of people, like me, I have no idea! Which is unfortunate because I'd really like to be good at something. Something like:
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Dance 
  • Singing
  • Instruments
  • Calligraphy
  • Hospitality
  • Writing
  • Organization
  • Mentoring/Relationships
  • Acting
  • Learning languages
Fear not, you are a talented person who was made in God's image! If you have or haven't found yours, continue searching and doing what you are passionate about.
So, what are you amazing at? comment please :D thank you for your time! and what should i write about next?

Sep 17, 2014


~~~so yeah, these are some things (material) that make me smile! can you relate to anything? Comment 1) if we share happy thoughts and 2) what puts a happy on your mouth! I think later I'm going to do people I appreciate, and some other things that I enjoy, but it's late so I'm kinda wacked out...:P
Sorry if I sound like Nihao Kailan.... Anyway thanks for looking at this (i told you i suck at this) Bye!~~~


Today I went on a prayer walk with my youth group :P it wasn't very successful, because when you try to have a serious conversation with a group of hormones (honestly) all they will talk about is Nicki Minaj. But after reading the paper we were supposed to be praying from and meditating about, I saw some really good verses! It was Matthew 6:9-13 and I encourage you to read those verses. Lol it might be kind of familiar to some of you ;) Even though I didn't really feel worthy to be praying "for other people to be saved like me", here are some things that I found and said hey! I'd like to start praying for that!
  •  Pray that even though this works is crazy, we should put our hope in Jesus, who will hold us steady. 
  • When God meets our needs, we would give thanks, because He is the center of everything
  •  To glorify God through actions, thoughts and words
  • Remember that people around you are people too, so ask God for relationships instead of quotas
 Sorry, that was kinda strange but I'm in a weird zone right now :P
Ok, now to the funny part! While we were at this park, there was a high school football game going on and you had to pay to enter, so we took a little trail through a bit of trees (by a sewer, I might add, it was NASTY) so we walked along, lalala, whatever, right? We turn around to come back, and this football player, bless his heart, he had to pee! He didn't have time to run to the restroom, so he did what any guy would do and went in the forest. My group was mostly girls so our leader was trying to yell to let him know we were there but he DIDN'T HEAR US and kept right on going! It was an awkward situation if I ever saw one... So anyways, he didn't hear us, we accepted our eyes and turned around again. When he was finished, all was well. We traveled back through the stinky first, and I think someone posted for him :D
Yup! That was my youth group today!
 Thanks for reading, and hopefully more posts are on the way. Please respond por favor and check out my bffs blog at  ~follow and comment on her blog for me thanks love you bye!~

Sep 15, 2014


Ok, I know, this is kind of strange for just a second post but this is what was on my mind, don't judge :P
Once upon a time, Brenna was eating lunch with some girls at school, who she wasn't really friends with, more of just acquaintances, and they asked her questions, like if she was scared to curse, or if she was a goody two shoes and so on. That inspired todays post about being a leader or supporter not a people pleaser! Everybody has different beliefs and world views so it isn't necessary that you agree with what I believe, but hopefully what my message is. I think it is important to stand up for what you believe in, and not give into peer pressure or anything like that. Blah blah blah, we've all been to that leadership conference. Now I'm not saying to shrug that off or anything  because it is a lesson we all have to learn. Like in the Lego Movie, nobody respected Emmet because he wasn't himself, he was whatever all the other townspeople were. He simply lived up to the expectation and stopped there. Practically anybody can do that, but it isn't a very good way to live (as seen on TV). And I know, a lot of people are born people-pleasers who just want to make everyone happy, but sadly that never works, because a lot of people's expectations are unrealistic and you get so tired of trying to please them that you get really depressed because you can't. I hope nobody has to live like that. Don't think I'm saying that you should never make anyone happy, that's totally different! Anyways, being a leader, or a supporter is being bold about what you believe in. People respect you for that. Just remember, being bold is not offending other people or forcing them to believe what you do.
"A leader is able to help followers to act for a certain goal that represent the values and the motivations--the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations--of both leaders and followers."
- James MacGregor Burns

So next time you disagree with something, don't just give in, stand up for your opinions and hopefully do what's right.
Sorry that sounded like an episode of Veggie Tales (which I love anyway) but seriously, as you've most likely seen somewhere on social media, YOU WERE BORN ORIGINAL, DON'T DIE A COPY. Ah yes, I forgot to mention. Being a leader does not mean you will have servants working for you. Nooo way. It's hard, and sacrifice is vital to this job. I hope I didn't scare you :P But be prepared!!! Love you and thanks for your time <3

Sep 14, 2014

Take 5 and...Action!

I'm Brenna (and if you haven't noticed) I suck at blogging. I have somewhere around 4 other ones that I rarely look at. But since I moved away from most of my family and all of my friends, I decided I should give it another shot.
So buckle your seat belt and prepare for this hopefully-not-short-again ride!
I don't know who will read this at all but I guess you can hear my story anyways. I moved to Louisville from Lakewood roughly 2 months ago. I got culture shocked big time! I lived in the Northwest my whole life, and went to a steady youthgroup for a long time. My best friend and I even met in the toddler room at our church, (love you Julia <3) so going from that to not knowing anyone was a really big change. Since then, I've started school and become a part of a new church and made a few friends but I've been struggling spiritually. I met this really nice lady who runs the small group for my age and she talked about it with me and it really helped! (I can mention my struggle in another post if you'd like) Also, my girl Julia wrote a blogpost about her being God's princess that also encouraged me a ton.
Here's the link:

Anyway, if you haven't been paying attention -which is completely understandable, I'm a bad blogger remember!- I will be talking about God a lot! I'm Christian, but I like to say I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
So, yup! Thats the most recent me!
And honestly, I've got no idea of what this page will be all. Maybe you'll get a laugh or two, maybe not, but you can be certain that I am trying my hardest
So here's to another beginning! My writing style is kind of confusing I guess, but bear with me, and hopefully I can get better at this whole bloggin' deal :) Thanks for reading and feedback in a certain comment box in a certain bottom of this page would be very much appreciated.
Yours Truly,
Brenna Mae