Jan 3, 2015

DIY Sparkly Keds!

For Christmas, I made my beautiful mamma a pair of sparkly Keds, and I was thinking somebody out there might want to learn how to do it!
The story behind this, is that a few months before my parents got engaged, my mom had seen a beautiful pair of sparkly vans or keds or something. She didn't buy them, because you know she wasn't engaged yet and you can't jinx a wedding. She never found them again. I know, you are thinking aww sads, yes, yes, but enter, first (and best) daughter, BRENNA! So I made them for her! 
Note: I accidentally named the video Dig Sparkly shoes instead of DIY sparkly shoes! Please forgive me :\

This project cost me about $20 which was way better than $60, but it could have been only $12 if I had seen them at Wal-Mart first!!!
  • Plain white Keds, I got these for $15 at Target, but afterwards I saw them for $5.87 at Wal-Mart
  • Glitter!
  • Plenty of Decopage glue, I mean plenty!!!
  • A couple of paper plates
  • A disposable sponge brush
  • Some plastic grocery store-type bags
  • Painter's tape
Go ahead and watch the poorly titled video and if you happen to make the shoes, let me know any way to ease making these!

QotD: Have you ever done any other DIY projects?
Aotd: I actually joined a website for people who like to do that kind of thing. You earn badges and it was really cool! You can find the website here

Have fun!

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