Jan 24, 2015

Tim Gunn Moment

Have you ever wanted to do something artistic really really badly?

But it turns out you have no talent?
That's where I'd have to raise my hand. 
Last night it started snowing like crazy and it was gorgeous! Then this morning I went outside and there was a plump little robin sitting on a bare branch. And automatically I wanted to paint it.  I wished I could put it's charcoal wings and little white freckles on a canvas and MAKE IT WORK DESIGNERS (sorry I had to...Tim Gunn moment)
It's like that meme with the moon and the camera...only I'm the camera because I can't interpret the image I see into the paper in front of me. 
Which is why I want to have a contest for everybody else who does have skills! But I need help devising a plan. So if you wouldn't mind hopping your little artistic cutie self over to the contest page, it would help me sooooo much if you gave me some ideas! 
Like for instance, what kind of art do you people like best?

QOTD: What's your favorite medium? Or best medium, I should say.
AOTD: Pen to paper :)
Comment feedback pleeease!

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