Feb 12, 2015


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Sooo so sorry I haven't been able to blog anything in a while, but I just got so busy with trying to learn guitar and watching Bob's Burgers ( I know, I'm pathetic) that I haven't had much to talk about! 
I decided I needed to sit down and write something for you anyway.
Image result for i love music tumblrHere is a collection of some great songs! They aren't really for any purpose other than they make me happy. 

  •  How He Loves is a Christian song about how much God loves us, and I really enjoy the rhythm and flow and the description of His perfect grace
  • Budapest by George Ezra it's a love song and if this guy didn't have such a deep voice, I wouldn't love it as much as I do. But it is very sweet
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran another cute love song. I've never listened to Sheeran before but it's a great song!
  • A Whole New World by ALADDIN AND JASMINE aggh I just can't stand how much I like Disney. It's a bit dangerous
  • True to Your Heart by Stevie Wonder The singer's confidence in this song comes across as cockiness to me but it's just so catchy and dance able I can't help it
  • Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson I really admire the message in this one, plus it's Jackson, so who can't like it! 
  • Let Me Fly arranged by Rollo Dilworth is a song we're doing in choir for competition next month. It's about wanting to go to heaven like Elijah did in the chariot. I love the jazz/soul swing!
  • King of New York from NEWSIES!!!!!!!! That beautiful musical that I saw last year. Oh man. This is my favorite song out of all of them. 
  • So This is Love by Cinderella and that Prince Charming of hers~when they realize they've found true love. It cheers me up about 500000000% percent
  • How to Save a Life by the Fray It really hits home to me, because I've talked to lots of friends about this and I don't want them hurt
  • Rolling in the Deep by Adele I'm not really sure why I like this. I think this goes in the same bin as George Ezra, I just love her voice!
  • Lean on Me by Bill Withers Just brings back so many memories of my old choir in Washington
  • When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars regret/break up song very sweet, again, choir memories! Miss you Ms. Flemister!
  • Hey there Delilah by Plain White T's? I don't know who originally sang it, but it's this guy singing to his girl, and it's kind of the perspective of they are so foolishly in love and they don't know it because they love each other so much. Plus long distance relationship.
  • Tomorrow from Annie I really really love musicals...Annie is one of my favorites :D
  • Bird and the Worm by Owl City This is literally the adorablest love song I have ever heard in my whole life. 
Ok I am a music lover and I could keep going for hours, so perhaps a part 2 is in your midst! 

QotD: How would you explain your taste in music? Comment below!!!
Image result for i love music tumblrHave a great rest of your week, lovely readers, and thanks for sticking around!