Apr 30, 2015

Paper Towns by John Green

I just finished Paper Towns today, and I must advise, if you read this book, at least read some of it in a coffee shop on a warm day. That just made it a little better than it already was. Anyway, the book is amazing.
 I'm beginning to get confused on John Green's style of writing because so far of his books, I've read TFIOS (who hasn't these days), An Abundance of Katherines and this one, and they are all about ridiculously well-read high-schoolers. Which I really like and kind of aspire to, but it astonishes me that each genius teenager can be so differently quirky and have life stories that are nothing alike at all. He has a knack for writing exceptional teenage love stories, this one included. I love how metaphorical he is.

The story is about a boy named Quentin who is a normal-ish senior in high school who has a weird acquaintance type relationship with a girl named Margo Roth Spiegleman. One night they go on a crazy 11 part adventure and then the next day, she disappears, sending Q on a crazy search to find her and follow clues.

ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE ENDING PLEASE READ THIS. I mentally cried a lot during this but I wasn't always sad, you know? It was just beautiful and poetic and so John Green you don't even know.
Nerdfighters FTW and DFTBA 

Apr 27, 2015

Devo Monday//Strength

 Hi there! 
>>So I made a new friend during spring break, named Asriel. She has 2 amazing Christian IG accounts ( @all.for.his.glory and @keepingitcoveredandcute) She posts a lot of devotionals along with super cute edits she makes! So I decided to try it out. She also just made a blog that you can check out here. If you don't already know this, I am a Jesus-loving teenager :) 
I don't know how many of you will be interested, but I really enjoy this type of stuff.<<

Isaiah 40:31 says "Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." 

This a huge encouragement to me as a young Christian. When I read this verse I see people in my life that remind me of this truth. Some of my mentors that I look up to, show me what it is like to have this "new strength". 
What is it like, you ask? Well when I see someone like that, I see a determination to glorify God. They are just bursting to the top with love. But they don't act like they are perfect either. As a Jesus-lover, you recognize that your own strength isn't sufficient. That's why we rely on Him to take care of us, and He doesn't fail. Which brings me back to the verse. "They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." 
When you trust God's perfect power, you will not be tired of glorifying Him. Of course we are humans and we make mistakes. But the Lord is always there for us :) So take this as an encouragement for the week ahead. When you trust in God, you will gain new strength. 
//What did you think? Any tips on writing devotionals or creating edits?//
Have a great day,

Apr 26, 2015

Why Harry Isn't Scary

Image result for harry potter books

 If you don't personally know me, here's a totally not random fact about me. I love the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

And it makes me really sad when I see kids that think the series is THE DEVIL and if they read it they WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE STRUCK BY GOD WITH LIGHTENING AND ACNE!
 I understand if a parent doesn't think their child is mature enough to read it, but as a Christian who has grown up with these books, I can tell you that they aren't chock-full of black magic. Their spells are Latin, and they don't actually work. 
JK Rowling uses themes that strongly resemble the Christian faith, kind of like in Narnia.
Image result for harry potter young
Look at this face. How is that bad?
Harry displays courage and love
Hermione shows intelligence and a good heart is better than looks
Ron is a true friend, who will stick by your side
Ginny is a great example of being a bold woman
Neville teaches us how to stand up for ourselves, even to our friends
Snape proves not all bad people are bad
Dumbledore proves not all good people are good

And those are just a few characters. 

So please, please do not judge these books by the cover. 
***Based on an amazing video by Katie Gregoire, seen here

Grand Prize Winner

Image result for crown
I am so very very sorry I have been very busy, but here is the winner of my contest!
Her Majesty, Queen Nina Smith
drew this amazing artwork, which will be featured on my IG and Twitter
Nina's Artwork!
Thank you all for participating, please go see Nina's Instagram @corrupted.colours
And I will see you all later!

Apr 24, 2015

New//Fashion Friday//Circle of Life

I decided to start making outfits again on Polyvore! I mostly post Disney-inspired clothing so if you have suggestions/requests, please comment!
This one was based on the bracelet I found, then the sun, horizon and colors in the picture of Simba. I love the Lion King it's so cute :3
Follow me on Polyvore if you have one, I'm converse-r-cool

Circle of Life

Brave Soul black aztec dress
$30 - newlook.com

White top
$19 - etsy.com

Isabel Marant sandals
$865 - selfridges.com

Kasturjewels circular earrings
$145 - boticca.com

Tarte makeup

Apr 17, 2015

Runners Up!

I have decided to announce the runners up first, so it will go backwards from 4th to 1st place!

3rd Runner Up goes to 2 people, 
some friends of mine Tin-Tin  and Karyssa
They made amazing pictures:


The 2nd runner up is a poem by a friend named Hailey!
Louder then fire crackers next to your ear
As bright as a flash of the sun
But you show no fear
Sit on the porch
It's more comforting outside
So come on out
Wear a jacket and boots
Look at the rain
Remember when it used to storm like this
The storms are long gone
But still right here
you just have to listen to your inner ear
Inside your memories, you'll find these storms
It comforts me more than anyone
I remember the sight,  feel, and sound
For this was what I found
The sound tells me I am not deaf
the light reminds me I am not blind
In the darkness of which I lay behind
The static feel of the lightning is the air
Raised hair on my arms, so I knew I was there
They were louder than fire crackers in my ears
They were as bright as a flash of sun
They comforted me, even when they had just begun

1st runner up is........
by PENCIL MASTER! Wow, this was close. He is an amazing artist and you can check out his page on Google+ by clicking +Pencil Master

Here is his artwork!

Thank you all so much, and congratulations, runners-up! The official winner will be up soon, so go ahead and  reread the prizes

I'm honestly so happy so many people participated!
I love you ;)

Apr 11, 2015

The Prize Box...

 Since today is the last day to enter my SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALICONTEST I decided to finally put something on the table.

I have decided there will be 5 big titles you can win.
Image result for crown
First Place-Their Majesty, Super Supreme Grand Champion King/Queen
Gets their own blog post, Tweet, Instagram feature from Your's Truly
Runner Up 1- First in line Heir to the Throne
Shares a blog post with other runners-up
Runner Up 2- Second in line Heir to the Throne
Shares a blog post with other runners-up
Runner Up 3- Third in Line Heir to the Throne
Shares a blog post with other runners-up

Everyone else who entered gets their own spot in the Royal Court aka Contest Page(Yeah, so I don't know why I went with royalty, I guess I just like crowns) with their entry, until the next contest!

And for all you lazy-bums [I still love you but not as much] who didn't enter, you have a chance at royalty next contest, but meanwhile, you might have to be a peasant. :) Unless you get this reference, then you can be my FAVORITE peasant.
Image result for peasant
With much love, The ruling force that get to name the Royalty,
Brenna Mae xoxo

Apr 3, 2015

Apocalyptic City & A Maple Doughnut

This morning I went out adventuring downtown Louisville.
It was disastrous. I don't know if you care at all about this city, but if you do follow local news here, you'd find out very quickly that yesterday the Prez flew in...and stopped up traffic. #thanksobama
So all the streets were backed up. Distress followed. Because around that time, there was a HUGE thunder and lightening storm. It rained a couple inches yesterday, so there were lots of people abandoning their cars and finding shelter somewhere. We got stuck behind a car at an intersection that was wrapped in caution tape and had no driver. THEY ABANDONED THEIR CAR AT THE FRONT OF AN INTERSECTION
Then this morning, when we were out roaming the streets, all that rain had rushed down under overpasses and near the shore of the Ohio River. Lovely, right? 
Image result for downtown louisville flooding
Streets closed for the president, then streets closed because you would drown in your car if you drove through them. 5 feet of water in some places. 
To add to that, a huge GE plant caught on fire and it didn't get put out until a few hours ago.
 Image result for louisville ge fire
So imagine streets covered in debris from floods, thunder and lightening, pouring rain AND a smoke covered sky!
It was sooo bizarre. At one point, we were stopped by a police officer [oh no, the po-po] and my mom asked him if this was the apocalypse.  
Very merrily he replied "Yes, it must be!"
But on the bright side, we went to a cute little doughnut shop called Nord's Bakery and I got a maple one which is my favorite :)

You guys I've gotten very few entries and I need more for the contest! Click here to see the rules