May 12, 2015

Blue Ice Cream//It's A Fine Fine Life!

It's another week of linking up with Allie at Reckless! It's a fine, fine life!

Last Friday, I went on a trip with the Beta Club at my school to King's Island in Ohio. I'd never been there before and I haven't gone on a big roller coaster before...
I'm scared of heights...and I don't trust the machinery. So that was fun! I rode a grand total of 4 rides.
Only one of those was a roller coaster. In "Planet Snoopy". The kids place. I liked it :) It wasn't ridiculously high, didn't look like a death trap, so I figured, why not? I rode it twice and each run lasted about 30 seconds so it wasn't too shabby.
I ate their famous blueberry ice cream, which didn't taste much like blueberries, but was still pretty good. I also experienced Dippin' Dots for the first time!
It was a fantastic day, and even though I didn't go on any real roller coasters, I have no regrets

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