May 5, 2015

Final Countdown//It's A Fine, Fine Life!

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Summer is so close! My school gets out June 5th, and I can't believe I've been living in Kentucky for almost a year! So here's my fine, fine, FINAL COUNTDOWN until summer!

  1. Get used to this new Chromebook I just bought yesterday! Yay!
  2. K-PREP Testing-I've never taken the K-PREP, so I'll have to figure it out as I go.
  3. Perform Aladdin (which is going great btw) This week is choreography so yeah, if you're in the theatre, I sympathize.
  4. Survive field trips to Kentucky Kingdom and King's Island, and I've never been to either of those places
  5. Graduate middle school!!!
Then SUMMER! I am so excited to see what hot, humid, Kentucky summer is like when you actually know people here...ok, maybe not that excited for the weather, it's out to kill me, but at least this year I have friends! 
>>QotD: What do you have to do until summer break? Do you have testing too?<< 
Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you! Thanks you guys, for 3000+ page-views, so let me know if you have any post requests, I'd be happy to write them. :) Have a great day

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