May 21, 2015

How to Handle Being Busy

Hi guys! I've been rather busy lately especially of the after school variety (Aladdin!!!) so having to be ready for the most has become a little more real to me! This will probably seem like nothing to most of you but I've never really been the kind of girl in all the clubs and sports after hours, so it's a lot for me!
Here are some hopefully helpful ideas that can save you time and come to the rescue when life happens!

+Have at LEAST 2 ways to get into where you are going. Whether it's a door, a janitor, a back road or the digits of someone that is already there, I HATE being late! So know somebody that can help you get in if you can't by yourself. I have found it really helpful to know people on the inside ;)

+Always have a snack on you. You have no idea what a big difference a granola bar can do to your mood. Try not to eat super sugary foods when you are rushing around town, because you will crash and burn!!! Also, eating too much at once and then having to keep moving SUCKS! Don't make yourself miserable.
Be smart

+If you are wearing fancy shoes that hurt your feet or give you blisters, bring socks, band-aids and comfy shoes! A lot of people roll their eyes when others complain about shoe problems because they chose to wear those, right? Well be resourceful and bring a change! I recommend flip flops because they can be shoved in a back pack without being heavy or taking up much room.

+Your attitude is so important omg You guys! When your life is moving fast, you're bound to trip! Being okay with tripping is essential to dealing with this stuff. Be happy shake it off and laugh! You are okay.
Sometimes when you are too caught up and stressed out and you need to lay on the floor and cry for a little bit, that's awesome too, just not every night, that's unhealthy.
Being stressed out all day every day is most likely not worth everything you are doing. If you need to take a night off and have some alone time, do it! Say no to going out. Breaks are good so that you can be fully focused when you need to be busy. :)

So sorry for the extremely long post, but it's Tech Week at the theatre and the show opens tomorrow, so I felt bad for not posting anything fun this week. I hope you enjoyed/got something out of this post, leave a comment if I missed something, and don't forget to click follow!

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