Jun 5, 2015

(40 things to do this summer)

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Today was my last day of middle school! I am really psyched for this summer! Kentucky summers are so much different than Washington, and this year, I'll actually have friends :) Here are some ways I'm going to try to spice up my break from school.
  1. Spend a ridiculous amount of time with God
  2. have a bonfire. I'm pretty sure this is on everyone's list
  3. catch lightning bugs
  4. pull an all-nighter
  5. get frozen-yogurt or ice cream!
  6. disney marathon
  7. read A LOT
  8. make a succulent terrarium (cactus collection) <3
  9. ¿reach 50 followers maybe?
  10. build myself a new wardrobe
  11. get into a new genre of music
  12. do my makeup and do it RIGHT
  13. re-decorate my room!
  14. henna tattoos
  15. doodle every day
  16. spend quality time with my friends
  17. fill a whole entire notebook with thoughts, quotes, ideas and prayers
  18. rock a smokey eye, OUTSIDE my bedroom
  19. learn how to take good pictures
  20. jump off a diving board
  21. tan, just a little
  23. drink good coffee
  24. sing every single day
  25. play in the rain like a good Washington girl
  26. take one good selfie
  27. up cycle a t-shirt
  28. get hyped for high school!
  29. be happy and healthy :)
  30. have fun with my little sisters
  32. get a cute haircut
  33. sew one thing.
  34. find a best blogging friend! email me your application por favor
  35. mail letters a lot!!!!!!!
  36. go to a concert
  37. blow GIANT bubbles
  38. make a new good friend
  39. do a diy face scrub post WITH pictures
  40. wade in some sort of creek with some sort of friend ;)
THAT'S ALL THE TIME WE HAVE TODAY FOLKS If you think I missed something vitally important for this list PLEASE tell me this is special to me 
>>also if YOU want to be my blogging bff then EMAIL/TWEET me so we can chat!<< 
Have a great summer and I'll be back soon! 

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