Jun 15, 2015

5 Books I've Never Read

Earlier today I was thinking about how I enjoy writing lists. That's great for getting things done, but not so much for creative writing. If I could write a story in just a list, I would, but I fear not many people would like to read it.
Any how, with school out of the way, I become a book worm, and there are lots of things I'd like to read. So here's to adding a list to my list of lists.

 1. The Maze Runner//James Dashner 
My good friend Rowan has suggested this to me so many times, I should probably read it. I saw the movie and I feel that if I had read it before hand it would make much more sense. Spider robots?

2. Don't Even Think About It//Sarah Mlynowski
I read a positive review about it on a cute little blog I found today, and I really want to read it! It's about mind-reading little children.

3. Looking For Alaska//John Green
Honestly, who doesn't like John Green? I loved TFIOS and Papertowns so I can't wait for this one!

4. Lost on Planet China//J. Maarten Troost
I got this one from the library last week and have yet to read it. It's autobiographic, and looked interesting.

5. Dune//Frank Herbert
As a sci-fi classic and dad's favorite, I really should read it. It's 800 pages of new worlds and customs. I started it and haven't picked it up in a while, but the beginning was rather intriging. Don't be frightened by size

So this summer when I am hiding in my room, these books may or may not be read. Hopefully they will. 
Are there any books you really want to read?
Love, Bree :)

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