Jun 11, 2015

Brenna's Road Trip Essentials

This past week, if you were paying attention, you saw that I took a family road trip up to see some friends in New Jersey and visited a lot of really cool places. 
It was about a 10-15 hour drive, and in a mini-van, I can get a teensy bit stir crazy.
 I need to keep myself entertained somehow! 
So here are 5 things that I MUST HAVE on a road trip. 

First things first, you need a bag! I really like taking a backpack because of how much space is available. Since it's summer, I emptied my school backpack and used that! 
I always listen to music when I'm bored so I make one or two playlists before-hand. I use Spotify, and you are welcome to check out what I'm listening to by clicking here. Make sure you bring headphones and a car charger so you don't use up all of your phone's battery.

Depending on the other passengers, the car can get uncomfortably hot or freezing cold, and the simple answer is to bring layers! I wore a tank top and shorts, with converse and a change of flip-flops in my back pack. I also brought a plaid long sleeve shirt and a fuzzy blanket, which was super easy and convenient to throw over myself when I got cold.
If you don't get carsick, I suggest bringing 1-2 books! Right now I am reading Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire, and it was just getting good during the longest stretch of road, which was perfect for keeping me occupied. Another idea is if your car is small enough, have someone in your family read aloud or get an audio book. It works wonders, keeping my younger sisters quiet.

This one is a little obvious, but you have to eat! Snacks and water are really important on roadtrips, because it lets you keep driving without having to stop for meals as often. I like to have an assortment of protien-packed granola bars and trail mix, and a small amount of candy. Not too much though, because sugar head aches are miserable when you are sitting in the same spot for 15 hours. I may do another post soon, about my favorite things to put into a trail mix. What do you think of that?
Thank you so much for reading! I hope next time you have a road trip, it's a great one.
Have you ever driven anywhere? Tell me in the comments!
Love, Brenna

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