Jul 19, 2015

2 in 1: Book Review Edition

A few days ago I finished two books! One of my best friends recommended (and forced) these books for me to read and so I did!


I thought to myself, why can't I write two posts when I can just combine them into one?

So here are brief summaries and my opinions for each of the books.

+++First of all, Nantucket Blue is definitely an older teen book, about the struggles and romances of a 17/18 year old girl, Cricket Thompson, who follows her best friend Jules to the island of Nantucket for the summer.  There are a few heart throbs of the male variety included *wink wink* 

It's for a more mature audience, and I wish my friend warned me before I read it. It's not too bad, I just wish I knew what I was getting into, if you know what I mean. 

Other than that stuff, it was a very compelling read with lots of twists, turns and emotions. The characters were very relatable as well. If you're cool with teen romance novels, then you would most definitely love it.  I'm not really that kind of girl, but it was still a pretty good book. Not tooooo cheesey ;) (((Sorry Rowan and Phoebe!))) 

There is a sequel to it, called Nantucket Red. I would read it if someone gave it to me, but I don't really feel like I need to read it right this very minute, and that may simply be because of the romantic side of it. +++

+++The Maze Runner was more my speed. Adventure and logical thinking. Granted, it is post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction instead of twenty first century romance, so I guess that explains my liking for it. None of that kissy kissy fluff!

 Unfortunately I saw the movie a couple of months ago so I sort of knew what was going on, but the book was different, in a much better way. 

The main character, Thomas, finds himself in a box that has only one exit, to a place called the Glade, filled with smart teenage boys. They all live their together next to an ominous maze that is chock-full of BIG SCARY MAN EATING ROBOT SPIDERS! RAWWR! All of the boys have come from the Box, one every month and all they remember is their name. Thomas is a little different than the rest of the boys, and strange things begin to happen soon after he arrives, and he plays a major role in changing all of their lives.
"I go on many thrilling adventures and wonderful escapades through books"

It is also quite a page turner, and I really enjoyed watching the characters grow brotherly bonds, and building rivalries too. I plan on reading the rest of the series as well!+++

I liked both of the books, however in all honesty, Maze Runner was much more my style and I would recommend it to more people. Now go read some books!

This is basically my summer right now...I'm a princess I guess

Have you read either of these? What is your favorite book genre? Let me know in the comments!

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