Jul 21, 2015

being ok with the granny i am

  • i'm constantly wearing sweaters
  • indoor plants are my favorite!
  • very rarely do i find myself loving younger actors
  • or teenager tv shows
  • snail mail is the best kind
  • i am a little obsessed with flowery patterns
  • i guess i'm a little more traditional than most kids my age
  • i'm not opposed to older music
  • crocheting is fun!
And I am ok with that! All of this goes to say that you should be okay with being a granny too! As a young person I've been trying to figure out my style lately (just check out my Pinterest boards) and being able to wear the clothes that I like is kind of hard. I don't want to wear crop tops and booty shorts, or listen to the newest 1D or Wiz Khalifa song...or whatever those YOUTHS are doing these days!

ahhh i just love leslie.
Keep in mind everyone, being different is great fun (most of the time). You will find other people like you that will make you really excited to not be alone, and to have someone to watch I Love Lucy with! Being excited about stuff with other people is one of the best free experiences you can get.

Thank you for reading my tiny rant/shot of inspirations. Hopefully you guys take this to heart. 
It's okay to be different
Have a fantastic day. 
Looooove, Bree

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