Jul 25, 2015

time for a new look!

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Hi guys! It's me, Brenna the Bad Blogger. If you haven't noticed, I've just began a new construction process and so I guess I'm not really a bad blogger anymore. I'm a girl without shame :)

The story behind my new title is really simple.
I've been teaching myself how to be myself around everyone, and not change to look better for certain people. Especially now that I am entering high school, I think it is an important thing to learn. 
Hopefully you are ok with the change, and won't forget that I'm still the same Brenna that was here 20 minutes ago when I changed the URL 

Also, if anyone has skills in the graphic design department and would like to design my blog for me (since I don't know anything about that stuff), then I would LOOOVE to pay you in multitudes of shout outs and buttons in my side bar. I'm specifically looking for a header and a new button. And anything else if you are up to it hahaha! 

Thank you to my followers for reading what I write, and I try to improve everyday, just for you!
Live without shame today 
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