Aug 10, 2015

4 Great Back to School Products

Next week is the first day of school for most public school kids here in Kentucky, including me! I guess you could say I have had a bit of experience in the public school department, and I thought I would share some of my favorite products to make my school day a little cuter and a lot more stress free!

  1. BACKPACK- I have had the same purple jansport back pack since the first day of Kindergarten and it has never failed me. Not one rip! It may not be the coolest with the most pockets and fun patterns, but it won't break! 

    2.  PENCIL- My dad is a 'pencilist' and he has all sorts of fancy pencils. One of my favorites for school is a General's Cedar Pointe, because it sharpens very well and has a quality eraser. Plus, it's cute!

   3.  ACCESSORY- Back at the beginning of summer I got a blue and white polkadot headband with a bow on it. I didn't have much use for it then, but I recently chopped my locks and it looks super cute on me now! It's a simple and adorable addition to any outfit

4.   JOURNAL- I have decided to journal my way through high school, and I have been obsessed with Target's new notebooks this year! I picked my favorite book by Greenroom Notebooks. It's black and gold with lined paper inside, perfect for a fine point Sharpie and some adorable washi tape! Read my post on how to journal here!

Good luck to everyone going back to school! Comment what your most used product for school is--
Have a great week
bree, girl without shame 

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