Aug 26, 2015

My August 2015 ipsy Glambag!

A few weeks ago I finally got my first ipsy glambag and I was super excited! I've been waiting for so long to be able to sit down and blog it and today is the day, so here are the products I got and the pictures I took of them :)
They come in super cute pink bubble wrap

First is a Luxe Doubler Eye & Lip Pencil in the color Wine. It looks more pink on my skin, just because I draw it on so lightly, but due to my beautifully acne-fied face, there will be a lack of pictures with my face in it on this post hahaha. The whole color scheme for this bag was pretty dark for my taste, but I don't really blame ipsy, seeing as it's the first bag and their bags sort of adjust depending on how much feedback I give. 
Anyway, I think this color is really fun but my family hates it on me, so I'll stick to wearing it while they're gone.
This is a teeny little sample of a noyah lipstick in the color Desert Rose. It's adorable and I love it!!!

Next I got a bottle of Marc Anthony Argan Oil, which I don't really know how or why to use, but I would love to figure out how. The directions say it is for styling, so I guess it's a healthy, organic way to style your hair! 
This tube is full of fresh lemony smelling Cleansing Milk by Juice Beauty. It sounds so wonderful and it really is! It's like a face washing lotion thingy and I am so excited to start using it! The inside of my nose shivers because of how clean it feels after smelling it. Not even kidding

The last product is brown nail polish by AILA in the hilarious color Mister Pookies. It cracked me up, especially after I tried it on. In the bottle it looks more grape soda, but it definitely is brown. I didn't super love the color but the bottle is too cute and minimalisticly adorable to throw it out.

I really loved getting this Glambag, and it's worth the $10 a month! Though it wan't my color palette, I was impressed with the product quality and the bag was especially cute. I also like it because it is expanding my makeup horizons without spending 30 bucks on a product I would never use. 
If you are into this kind of stuff, I would absolutely recommend it! ***Also, I forgot to add, ipsy isn't paying me to write this if you haven't already caught on to that. These are my own opinions and I'm being honest!**
Thank you so much ipsy, for being cheap and having great quality
Thanks to you for reading!
Have a great week,
Brenna, the girl without shame
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