Aug 8, 2015


Yesterday was my BEST FRIEND FOR TOTALLY LIKE EVER WITHOUT EXCEPTION'S birthday and I regret to inform you, the internet that I live 2,500 miles away from her. This is an appreciation post about her and how much I love her!!

You have probably heard me talk about her before. A little back story, we 'met' in the church nursery when we were little tiny babies and have been best friends for life ever since! Here is my testament to how awesome she is, pal for life, please enjoy. If you aren't said best friend, please read this as what I look for in a friend.

Just knowing that someone out there is rooting for you, and isn't afraid to show it. Someone who wants you to be happy, joyful. Like for real. And they can tell if you are faking it or not.

Unbearable. That's what life would be without them. Just unbearable. Because they are there for you through your ups and downs. When telling anyone else in the universe is impossible, they will be willing to hear you out. And not judge.

Loving each other unconditionally is essential to friendship. My ride or die and I are basically inseperable and we live thousands of miles away and though it's terrible, we are able to have a great friendship without seeing   for months at a time. If we ever fight, it doesn't last. It's kind of not worth it to fight, because we need each other for survival XD #13yearsandcounting #ithink

In being best friends, we need to be brutally honest sometimes. Being able to tell the truth without getting hurt or gossiping is a huge deal, especially at this age. And it's not only that. Honesty also means showing your tre personality. When I am at her house, I like to eat all of her food and she has no trouble farting in front of me, or wrestling her little brother, which I will gladly take part in. We are family

Adventure is one of my favorite parts about having a bosom friend. All of my best stories have happened with her. Like remember the countless times I almost got away by hiding under your feet in your car? Remember the 100 otterpops? Remember the lightning storm and the trampoline? The glitter incident? Flooded barbie pool? SHOWER CURTAIN COURTROOM?! We're basically kindred spirits
Almost cried while writing this because I was listening to Count on Me by Bruno Mars and the whole time I was like PREACH IT BRUNO and I just miss her so much GIRL I NEED YA BACK IN MY LIFE

I can count on you, you inspire me, I miss you every day, and I love you a lot.
Love, your BFFTLEWE
Bubbles :)

p.s. comment something about your best friend. what do you look for in a friend?

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