Hi! if you haven't noticed, my name is Brenna
And while you're here where my thoughts live, I thought you might want to know a bit more about me!
So the whole reason I started this is to talk to people everywhere around the world, since I've done a little bit of travelling myself. I moved from 
~all the way across America, to~
I know a lot of people have moved way farther, like across continents and oceans, but this was a really big change for me. I come from a small town and an old church, where I grew up with the best friends you could ever ask for. If you've never been to the North West, you might think we are all hipsters or cowboys, but in truth, most of us are pretty inconspicuous. KENTUCKY on the other hand, is full of crazy party hooligans!!! Help!
Ahaha, just kidding, it's great here. But enough geography lesson, let me introduce myself.
I love to read and SING, I'm not very good at it but I sing all the time anyway. I am in my third year of choir and we went to see the Broadway Musical NEWSIES! So that  kind of kicked off my dream of going to a real Broadway in NYC.
I live with my two younger sisters and my parents, and I love all of them very much
Some things I really like are hedgehogs, nutella, comfy sweaters, visiting HOME, holidays, coffee and socks
I am a Disney fanatic, as well as a Harry Potter and Adventure Time fan. Also, when I get really happy, I  tend to get all sing and dancey, if you know what I mean, so, Disneyland is a great place to hang out with me if you love to sing and dance. 

Here are some pictures of me and the people in my life!

Fundraising dinner before moving! Sorry if you got cut out!!!
A few best friends and me 2014
Me and a new friend Megan on mix-it-up day at school

Some new friends, Michelle and Mahshad
Me with my sisters in Disney Land! 2010

By the way, I call this my bad blog, because I have started and failed at no less than five other ones. This is my final attempt at this hobby, and so far I think it is going pretty well!
With love,
Brenna the Bad Blogger :)

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